Porn and Late Nights
By shootingstar
11/1/2013 5:56:59 AM
Does anyone here have a late night porn habit? Mine has always been a late night deal and I hate that. I've always struggled to get onto a more normal sleeping schedule.


Out of balance    
"Tired is a VERY big trigger for most addicts. I used to have that problem. What's worked for me is to not try so hard to fight the addiction. Instead, I tried harder to get my life in balance. I go to bed by 10 now. I'm up between 5 and 6. I do soooo many wonderful things with all that morning time, instead of soooo many cruddy things with all that late night time. Does anything good happen after about 10?"
posted at 12:43:10 on November 1, 2013 by beclean
"BeClean pretty much said exactly what I was thinking (which he seems to do often). I'm in the same situation as well, where late nights used to lead to trouble for me, and where I've since rearranged my sleep schedule as a way to counter being tired as a trigger.

In addition to my sleep schedule, I also avoid computer usage after about 6PM or so, unless I have something specific and productive I need to do on the computer. I find that when I waste time on the computer (especially at night, and especially when tired), it's easy to start the slippery slope that leads to inappropriate web surfing. If I don't even start, it's easier to do productive things in the evening, then simply go to bed at a decent time."
posted at 15:42:09 on November 1, 2013 by rmww
Late Nights    
"I haven't binged in almost a year now. I finally feel free. However, I know that when I am Tired, Bored, and/or Curious it can create a toxic emotional mix that can lead me down the road of sin.

Take care of yourself. Find a hobby. Healing is possible."
posted at 17:32:46 on November 1, 2013 by jakey
"Yes, but that is because all other stars line up to make it easier. Does you computer have a clock timer that you can set to turn off at a certain time? Get it out of your room or whatever you need to do to make it harder to access."
posted at 22:11:16 on November 6, 2013 by CptMoroni

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