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How do all of you cope with depression? I'm having a lot of things just go wrong and I am really hating life right now. I read my scriptures 2x/day and pray 2-3x/day. I haven't completely repented for my porn/mb addictions because my dad is now the bishop. I told my 2 previous bishops though. RIGHT when I am comfortable with telling bishops of my problems, the Lord puts in my dad as the bishop. It doesn't seem like he is letting up at all. Also, am I temple worthy if I masturbate only? I know porn is definitely not ok.


"I'm sorry you are feeling so frustrated and depressed. Have you considered the Tony Litster stuff I've posted? He's really radically turning my life around and teaching me to love life.

Lack of sleep, too much sugar and junk food, lack of exercise, and a lack of meditation and stillness can also increase depression. How's your sleep, exercise, diet, and meditation habits?

Then, of course, medication can help, if you think these other things aren't working.

Is there a way of looking at your Dad as bishop as something other than God playing hardball? Could this actually be a blessing in disguise?

With love,"
posted at 23:05:53 on August 27, 2013 by BeClean
Depression, Repentance, Temple    
"I found that when I was really feeling down it was my own insecurities mingled with Satan's influence. I always rebuke unclean spirits away especially when I feel really down but can not pin point the reason.

You may be feeling worse depression because you have not fully repented. When you repent it helps you become closer to your Heavenly Father. Satan likes to use anything he can against you to make you feel miserable and keep you from getting closer to Heavenly Father and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

See when you do not have the companionship of the Holy Ghost Satan is able to whisper all sorts of lies and deceit into you thoughts. He is the master of mingling mans philosophy with scripture. He was able to influence Hitler to send his soldiers looking for something called Vrill (a magical power ) in the hills of Tibet thinking that he would become like God?? He can confuse many people if they are under the influence / possession of evil spirits or do not have the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

This is why he needs you to feel depressed and not repent because when you feel depressed you want to feel better and then you use your drug of choice. He wants to keep you bound with his chains, so you think that there is no escape and you ultimately loose your second estate (Celestial Glory) Young LDS are one of his main targets and this is his greatest achievement to lead them down to hell

No you should not go to the Temple if you are still masturbating. Yes I think that you should tell your Father / Bishop everything because you need all the help you can get to fight Satan. The war with Satan will only intensify until the Saviour returns and you will need your families help and unity more than ever.

May God Bless you in your strivings for Righteousness."
posted at 01:43:46 on August 28, 2013 by Aussie
Aussies not your bishop    
"She doesn't know weather you should go to the temple or not. But I'm sure she ment that as her opinion only and not your duly ordained judge in Israel. I don't think she's totally crazy for her theories about rebuking dark influences though. Sometimes you just have to let the bastards (dark influences) know to step off :)

Dude, kickit has some points with the drugs. I'm a little more moderate about my biases. Neurology is a hard observable and testable science and much of the psychoactive drug come fromp what we know about the biology of the brain. The problem is everyone is a little different and there's still tons we don't know. But that doesn't invalidate what we do know. Like kickit pointed out some people respond better to therapy (dealing with childhood etc.). Some to drugs. Some both. But what the research shows is that wether you respond to drugs or therapy or your own methods the physiological effect on the brain, the chemical and biological changes, are the same. I find that fascinating.

There are literally trillions of synaptic connections in you magnificent brain making you uniquely you. And since no one knows you quit like you its important that you take an active part in your treatment. Do research on the internet. Observe very closely (like a scientist) how things effect you. Be your number two physician. Thee Physician being numero uno.

I agree with beclean. Meditation is...just the most amazing thing ever. Something that has been helping me a ton with anxiety lately has been pranayama breathing. I don't know how receptive you are to things that fall outside your cultural frame of reference but it rules. Like day and night difference. Works as good or better than any benzodiazepine I've ever taken. You can download the pranayama app that guides you through the breathing. It's basically just deep breaths. Who woulda thunk, good ol' fashioned O2 was so necessary for quality of life. Man, God's cool.

P.s. I've heard but never verified that 20 minutes of classical music is as effective as valium. I know it really helps me a lot. Bach radio on Pandora just, uhg, rules. I also find Hans Zimmer and other cinematic composures much to my liking. Seriously, listen to the Avatar or Brave Heart sound track for 20 minutes and see if you don't find a measure peace. Good luck."
posted at 07:08:47 on August 28, 2013 by they_speak
Diet and exercise    
"There are many wonderful antidepressants in nature. I know some that use turmeric as an antidepressant. Exercise helps a lot, also."
posted at 13:07:01 on August 28, 2013 by Anonymous
Fluoxetine (Prozac) worked wonders for me    
"and it was what kept me from committing suicide.

I get real depression, not those little "blues" that some call depression. Let me describe it: It is so excruciatingly painful and horrifying, like burning to death over and over again inside your brain and heart every day for months.

I got anorexia (lost about 50 pounds in two months), had severe panic attacks, severe insomnia (slept no more than 10 minutes a night for two months), severe tachycardia (heart would beat 7-10 times a minute for 30 seconds, then about 220-240 for the next minute, back and forth with no rest for 5-6 hours every night); social anxiety disorder, seasonal anxiety disorder, and I developed profound learning disabilities (IQ: 160+ before depression) that have lasted for 7+ years after the last episode of depression. I couldn't go from general to specific (abstract to concrete) anymore, which was my easiest learning method before. I'm starting to shake that off finally, but it was a huge handicap for a long, long time.

When I heard a voice (exceedingly easy to discern between a spiritual experience and a mental breakdown, I can tell you from experience), that's when I decided to allow myself to be medicated.

I got a prescription of 15mg/day fluoxetine and in 3 weeks I was a totally happy camper : ) "I love everyone in this room!!" : ) I was on it for two months while it restored (partially) my brain chemistry (serotonin levels). I'm certain that the Lord blessed that medication, because I went from excruciating agony to bliss in such a short time, and I actually started improving from about the 2nd or 3rd day (not typical, usually takes 2-3 weeks to start to make a difference).

On the other hand, my half-sister has had no relief whatsoever from medications for depression and I think she's tried at least four (prozac, paxil, etc.)

We're all individuals. But I agree with Kick It about psychiatrists shoving pills down your throat. They just want to pump you up ... with pills. I'm very angry with one who has destroyed my CEO's son after I got him in such excellent shape (I trained him and took him to MMA lessons, etc.). I'll post a rant on this later.

As far as classical music is concerned, I found things like Mozart's 40 in G minor to have a substantial effect in making me feel better when I first experienced depression (3 episodes, each succeeding one is ten times worse than the preceding one). Classic rock had the opposite effect.

By the way, Bishop's Weed (called by a number of different names), was found by a Harvard Medical Researcher to be as effective as Prozac (but it's cheap and you need no prescription for it). But it has no effect on me, except for dangerous side effects. So again, we're all individuals.

As far as masturbation is concerned, I am allowed to take the Sacrament (and do home teaching, and teach Elder's Quorum, etc., even though I don't hold the Priesthood), but I wouldn't be allowed to do that if I viewed porn. And different wards have different policies. But I can't have my Priesthood and blessings restored while I have my addiction, and even if I did hold the Priesthood, I wouldn't be able to hold a Temple Recommend. That's the general Church policy as far as I know, but that could change any day, and I might be put on probation or whatever.

As far as your Dad being bishop is concerned, do a search on Churchgirl on this website. Her Dad was bishop, she had two callings in her ward, and she did a lot more than m/b. And yet she finally confessed. And now she's been clean for well over a year.

Think how difficult it was for her to confess (even with all of us encouraging her to do so). Girls think of porn/mb (etc.) as being a guy's addiction and that they're the only girl in the world with that problem. Plus, a Bishop (obviously) is a man, and it's difficult to discuss those issues with a man. They also worry that they'll trigger him. Etc., etc., etc. Girls have twenty times as many excuses as men. Yet they step up to the plate anyway. And that's when they start getting better.

My treatment for common depression (I get this type of depression, too): get up and do something. Never lie down unless you're ready to sleep. Physically get up off your back and do something positive, for yourself or for others. Engage in a routine of physical fitness, do your dailies (scripture study and twice daily personal vocal prayers), be very active in wholesome social activities with good people. Do every service project you can, and do some good deeds for others on your own.

While these things won't cure you of m/b or porn addictions, they give you a firm footing to begin to heal. And your depression (if it's common and not clinical) will evaporate with time. Just don't get self absorbed.

Hope this and what's been written above helps."
posted at 14:46:30 on August 28, 2013 by dog
Dog, you gave great advise!    
"Created, of course I am not your Bishop I'm just the dust of the earth. My husband's bishop told him long ago that he could not go to the temple if he was masturbating. Of course I asked my husband first about the temple. He is of course the Priesthood holder and the Patriarch of the home. I just didn't think that anyone had answered the questions that you had asked.

Sorry if I came across like I was the bishop or something. That was not my intention. I just have had a lot of experience dealing with Satan trying to destroy me and my children and because I was a single parent for so long I had to do all the rebuking and be the Matriarch of my home. I tend to get protective of young people and must come across passionate on this subject.

However I find other women / mothers can comment on this blog and they are not put under scrutiny like I tend to be. It seems there is always someone trying to find fault in what I write and denigrate my character. That is nothing new to me because this has happened to me my entire life.

I could argue in depth about the harm that psychotropics drugs and the food that we eat is doing to people's brain chemistry and cognitions but it would just cause arguments and fault finding with me so I wont go there. If you would like to go to the Western A Price Foundation you could look at the studies that have been conducted into GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome ) and the dangers of some oils, processed milk and meats in regards to the brain.

Sorry again!

May God Bless you in all your Righteous strivings!"
posted at 01:54:19 on August 29, 2013 by Aussie
Holy Crap    
"That self-styled Stake President is so full of it--Holy Crap and himself.

He hasn't sent out a missionary in 7 years!? As this clearly points out, if every Stake President stuck to, "No young man should..." THEN NO YOUNG MAN EVER WOULD!

The advice from prophets is good and sound: none of us SHOULD spent our time fantasizing and masturbating, especially if we are trying to serve God with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. It doesn't really help or serve us or anyone else. It's a waste of time, it depresses us, it destroys our spiritual confidence.

However, none of us is perfect, and God is an extremely understanding and compassionate being, unlike that self-righteous prick of a Stake President. Jesus hung out with publicans and sinners and declared thieves would be in paradise. He refused to condemn a woman taken in the very act of adultery, instead reminding everyone else that they were sinners, too. And he forgives his Bride, the Church, for its many adulterous relationships with other gods.

Meanwhile, this so-called Stake President will not let a young man with desires to serve be called to the work. That is against D&C 4: If you have desires to serve God, you are called to the work. Not, if you are perfect you are called to the work...

Of course there are qualifications to serve in D&C 4. Of course it's BEST if we are free from problems. But that's why we have Christ. He is the only perfect being. If anyone here expects someone else to be perfect, they have a huge railroad tie sticking out of their eye.

If President Packer and the other apostles and prophets were really sticking to their guns on the "No young man," phrase, there would be no missionaries. They do not really follow this statement, I guarantee it. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to overcome and get our lives in balance so that we don't need masturbation to cope with challenges. There are better ways to be happy, starting with what I shared at the beginning of this blog thread.

By the way, I could be wrong, especially since I'm not about to follow Kick Its link to find out, but I actually think I've stumbled onto before, and I think it is a facetious anti-mormon site set up make fun of people who hold rigidly to some of the things prophets and apostles say. I don't think there really is a real Stake President writing that stuff. It's a pretend person full of crap and himself. MOST real Stake Presidents are much more loving, and they send out imperfect missionaries as the weak things of the earth. I bet if a real Stake President didn't send out missionaries for 7 years, he'd be immediately released. If a real Stake President didn't send out missionaries for a couple years, he'd be set straight by the brethren. I think, without looking, that this site is a joke, and we who believe it's real are the butt of it. No Stake President is out there blogging about his self-righteous attitude. That's some anti-Mormon trying to make it look like Stake Presidents are all self-righteous."
posted at 07:02:49 on August 29, 2013 by beclean
OK I should be more charitable    
"I can completely understand how someone could believe that "President Paternoster" is a real Stake President and not a Paternal Imposter. I believed it for a few minutes BOTH times I came across quotes from his site. He designed it to look real, and it does seem real, until you see how patently false and absurd some of his positions are. He wants to make Mormons look like mindless sheep and unfeeling bigots.

It's not true. Mormons can think for themselves, as this website proves. They can also be compassionate and loving, as Christ was.

Look, sin is bad. I'm not saying it isn't. But WHY is it bad? Because of what it does to us and others. Sin is like a disease. It's not fun for the person suffering or anyone around them. But if we see a sinner, we have got to stop shaming him and telling him God will never love him when he's sick like that. As if that helps him get better. Stress and guilt only make sickness (and sin) worse. What makes sickness better? Love, care, and rest. The same thing helps sinners.

That quote from President Kimball really is the only "official" and often quoted position on masturbation that the church has. And it's a pretty good quote, really. It's the only place I know of where we can read WHY masturbation is wrong. He states three reasons:

1. It induces feelings of guilt and shame.
2. It is detrimental to spirituality.
3. It indicates slavery to the flesh.

Now, I could come up with a few more good reasons. However, these are the three reasons given to us by a prophet. And they are true of MOST sins or addictions. I imagine those three things are true of alcoholism, overeating, and anorexia.

Did you catch that one reason masturbation is wrong is because, "It induces feelings of guilt and shame"? Well, that's funny. So do some people on this website, and so do some Bishops and Stake Presidents. Let's not induce feelings of guilt and shame. Let's encourage each other to return to a loving Jesus, who is the master healer, who can eliminate shame, guilt, depression, and sin.

Finally, I ask why people love to quote that paragraph from President Kimball, but they rarely quote the next one?

"While we should not regard this weakness as the heinous sin which some other sexual practices are, it is of itself bad enough to require sincere repentance. What is more, it too often leads to grievous sin, even to that sin against nature, homosexuality. For, done in private, it evolves often into mutual masturbation--practiced with another person of the same sex and thence into total homosexuality."

Again, I believe masturbation can harm our spirits, and that is why it is sin. We should repent (which means turn to Jesus) and learn new habits. Doing so will bring us more happiness. But, let's please remember, "We should not regard this weakness as the heinous sin which some other sexual practices are."

And you gotta love what President Kimball said next about it leading to homosexuality. Some day we'll know whether he was sharing his opinion on all this (as apostles and Joseph Smith admit to doing from time to time) or if he was sharing the decreed word of God. I doubt today you would find more than one or two apostles who sincerely believe masturbation leads to homosexuality. That's not what the Church's official webpage on homosexuality teaches."
posted at 10:02:13 on August 29, 2013 by beclean
See, that's much better Aussie    
"Why didn't you tell your story (of your husband and his bishop etc.) the first time around? That way we know you are sharing your opinion as it applies to YOUR OWN STORY. Not everyone else's. And I rarely use all caps. It's tacky and I prefer hyperbole for emphasis. But that's how much I wan't to emphasize, your own story. I caps'ed it, and said "your own story" twice. Thrice.

It's offensive when you declare things as if they are a general matter of fact that apply to everyone specifically. Especially when you positioning it in black and white terms to a youth who might not understand that every case is different and sometimes the patently wrong person saying differently, is the Lord. Through his servants. And revelation. One on one. Sorry if I was rude about it. I liked your second post. I can get on board with that. As it applies to the people it applies to.

P.s. if people have been responding this way to you your whole it everyone else with the problem? Maybe. Maybe Alexander Hamilton and Ben F. were right "the masses are asses". I don't know. But if I was in your shoe's, and I found them uncomfortable, I'd sure be asking myself why so many people respond to me a certain way and if there was anything I needed to do to repent. On the other hand, maybe you don't need that repentance stuff."
posted at 20:32:26 on August 29, 2013 by they_speak
3 cheers Beclean    
"That's all I've got to say. Sometimes man, I can't even believe I'm reading from the same dude as 3.5 years ago. I don't know if I'm the only one who sees it but, you have gained a certain wisdom...or maybe compassion?..that didn't shine there before. Maybe I just didn't notice it before."
posted at 20:40:49 on August 29, 2013 by they_speak
one more thing    
"I gotta say, its ironic to me that "the philosophies of man" thing gets thrown around in contexts where I or others mention or pontificate on things of Light that don't come directly from LDS scripture but that, in my opinion, harmonize perfectly with it and then the same people have no problem referencing unfounded garbage that is quintessentially the mingling of man's thinking, idiotic paradigms and dogmatic legalism with scripture. I think that's hypocritical."
posted at 06:51:27 on August 30, 2013 by they_speak
"Hey buddy - I feel depressed pretty often because of my addiction too. I think that comes from a discord between who we are and who we think we should be. That creates a gap, and the larger the gap the more depressed we feel.

The things that really helped me get out of that rut originally was this: Openly talking about my addiction with people, ie no longer being ashamed of it. Accept that it's something you struggle with. Everyone struggles with something, many people with this, and you need to accept that this is one of your crosses to bear in this world. Use wisdom in who you share with, but when I shared with my parents, siblings, friends, etc I was met with love and acceptance and support. That did wonders for me as I thought I was a monster that noone could love if they knew the real me. It will help you become one again with who you are and make you feel better about who you are, and will give you added strength moving forward. You've got to get out and share with others that you trust. It's scary, but you have an honest heart and are working hard, others will see that and want to help."
posted at 09:28:11 on August 30, 2013 by recovery.gdo
Higher Law    
"If the Publicans, thieves and sinners were not aware of the higher law then they were being judged with a lesser law and when they knew better (the higher law) they would be judged by that higher law like we are judged by the higher law.

Its seems that this may be why Jesus was so forgiving and said go sin no more to the prostitute and you will be in paradise with me, to the thief?

since I have been a convert to the church I have heard many times that when we know the higher law we are judged by a much higher standard because we know better?

I have also seen several people and heard of others who have joined the church or been born into the church and then go inactive or commit sexual and or other sins and their lives become miserable. In addition to this, the buffetings of Satan that they tend to endure are almost unbearable?

I am not trying to judge the Stake president (aka the prick) but he may be thinking about those young men who in 2yrs, 5yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs from now may still feel so much shame and guilt because they went on their mission while still MB, not to mention himself being accountable for not upholding God's standards if he sent them??

I know someone who did go on his mission while MB and he still feels regret and sadness to this day and its been 37yrs? Very Hard Call? I'm glad I don't have to judge it! Damned if you do and Damned if you don't?

Sorry if I have offended anyone!"
posted at 03:41:50 on August 31, 2013 by Aussie
"I found no offense in what said. You presented your opinions and kept the fallibility door open in how you approached it. I for one, can respect that.

On the other hand, just so you know, "the prick" isn't real dude. Beclean, was right. I went to the blog. I don't even think it's meant to appear legit. I actually thought it was kind of amusing and funny. His favorite book is How to Build Your Downline: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Extraordinary Wealth. Ha!, I'm still in hysterics about it (maybe you have to be aquatinted with some Utah Mormons and their ad-wrapped H2's to get it). Look at his picture. It's pretty funny. He's suppose to be a total douche bag and once you realize it things like "As a man well versed in science and the workings of the Lord I welcomed him into my office for such a discussion" become pretty darn funny. In one of he blogs his wife writes how bummed she is they didn't win the "Brodie award". Like Fawn Brodie. For a good read see what Nibley has to say about her, and pretty much every other ani-mormon. Anyway, yeah that blog's total bull shit. So is that dude. So is everything he says. Funny though. And hilariously ironic beyond words that Kickit would pull some bull crap legalism from it (meant as a joke) as if it was written on stone tablets from mount Sinai. But, I'd rather not capitalize upon the blunder. More than I have at least. We all make mistakes. It's cool.

The fact that the "Stake President" is a willie trickster (lol) doesn't invalidate the principals you and Kickit are standing behind. So, I'd like to address just a few things. First of all it seems to me God's first standard in the governance of the church is revelation. Following the Spirit. The Spirit tells people to do things all the time that don't follow established practice like sending kids on missions who haven't quite hoped the bar yet to outright breaking of established law like cutting dudes heads off for some plates. If a guy really didn't send anybody out for 7 years and he said it was on account of what he felt impressed to do by God through revelation entitled to him as the holder of certain keys in that stake...I'd have no qualms. But, when some blow hard starts arrogantly rattling of this nuance or that convention or practice or even law as the only justification for eternally consequential decisions he's made on others behalf,.. ew-boy he looses my confidence and attention real quick. In my opinion he's little more than a modern day Pharisee. An unthinking Nazi. Just following orders. And of course he's confident about it. Not thinking eliminates much conflict. No wrestles with God (Enos).

In my own experience I tamed the beast enough to get on a mission (I guess). But not perfectly once I got there. I told my mission president in our first interview. He told me not to worry about feeling guilty. That Godly sorrow would come when I'd repented. But, to worry about the forsaking first. I asked probably 3 times if he was absolutely sure I should be on a mission and he was resolute. Sometime later I believe he gave me a blessing and in it he told me to know that i was were I was suppose to be at that time. I would later discover that few missionaries I came across, if any, didn't struggle with it.

Like you said, I did feel guilt. Though I taught and had significant success on my mission I struggled tremendously all during and when I came home with feelings of guilt and shame. Not just for jerkin off either. Probably more for laziness. It was years latter I would learn enough about physical health to realize much of my sleeping in and long naps were because I was eating myself to an early grave. Anyway, I'd been home for 2 or 3 years and I had the best bishop on the third rock from the sun. One day while expressing extreme regret for some of my conduct on my mission he stopped me dead in my tracks and said, well, I suppose one of the most profound things anyone has ever said to me in my experience in the church, he said "You were a great missionary. I am telling you that the same as if the Lord himself was sitting here in this chair. You, were a great missionary". His whole countenance seemed luminous as he sat there and said it. Kind of bazaar. And he wasn't a man generally given to fits of passion in the name of the Spirit. He usually stuck to cold hard logic and reality. This fact lent itself even more to the impression it made on me. I believe he then told me in effect to put my guilt behind me because it was falling on deaf ears as far as the Lord was concerned.

So, hard call? Yes. But easy for the Lord. That's why I say revelation, revelation, revelation. Lets put our own understanding behind us. Know the scriptures and counsel sure but leave the ultimate call to the Lord."
posted at 07:05:44 on August 31, 2013 by they_speak
"Though some of this thread seems to have diverged from your original post I actually think it presents a lot of good evidence to support the idea of going and talking to your dad. I don't know him. Maybe he sucks I don't know. But, if he's a decent guy and follows the Spirit...well, you're a hell of a lot better off with him than with us. As you can see. Ya dig? My guess is he'll make you wait for some agreed upon length of time then have you go to the temple. Who knows. I guess the Lord. Either way, I'm sure he'll just want to help you be happy how ever he can. Good luck player."
posted at 07:26:13 on August 31, 2013 by they_speak
I didn't masturbate on my mission    
"and the thing I regret the most was that I worked so hard !!!! : ) No kidding, I was thinking about this just two days ago, and I got home from my mission more than forty years ago. I wish I had kicked back, slept in, and not worked so very hard.

That being said, I am thrilled to hear, They Speak, that your mission president and bishop spoke with the Spirit. I've had General Authorities speak the same way to me and tell me personal things (about very sacred topics) that I can't repeat, because they are not mainstream belief (i.e., not cherished assumptions). And yet, if I masturbate once in a year, I can't have my Priesthood and blessings restored, I have to wait another year before I can even petition the First Presidency to have them restored. Five seconds of masturbating, and I've got to start the 12-month process of total abstinence all over again. And I support my Bishop and Stake President in this. Fully. Because I believe that they're inspired of the Lord in this matter, as well as in many other matters.

So we're all individuals. That's why the Lord didn't fry Gideon when he not once, not twice, but three times required a sign of the Lord before he would believe and accept his calling. And why? Because Gideon had had certain experiences with resulting issues (and a humble spirit) that caused the Lord to respect his needs. And yet the Jews were called "an adulterous generation" because they required a sign. We're all individuals, and we're in individual situations and we have individual callings.

I wish I could repeat what Elder Hales said in a special stake meeting we had 2-3 years ago. It had nothing to do with chastity or sex or addictions or even virtues, but it went so against everything you've been taught that twice he had to say, "I know what the scriptures say." Allow me to translate that: "I know what the scriptures say, so don't email me, or send me a letter, or call me on the phone to tell me, 'We know you're an apostle and a great guy, etc., but we must point out the fact that such-and-such a passage of scripture clearly states the opposite of what you told us. But we still love you and respect you as an apostle, we just wanted to clear up your misconception." By the way, Elder Hales told us that he had shared this revelation with the other apostles in one of their meetings.

So read and study the scriptures, listen to the prophets, write in your journals, and so forth, but but don't get hung up on dogma."
posted at 12:43:21 on August 31, 2013 by dog

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"By emulating the Master, who endured temptations but “gave no heed unto them,” we, too, can live in a world filled with temptations “such as [are] common to man”. Of course Jesus noticed the tremendous temptations that came to him, but He did not process and reprocess them. Instead, He rejected them promptly. If we entertain temptations, soon they begin entertaining us! Turning these unwanted lodgers away at the doorstep of the mind is one way of giving “no heed.” Besides, these would-be lodgers are actually barbarians who, if admitted, can be evicted only with great trauma."

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